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Current Programs

GRIEVING... Between The Rock & A Hard Place
Rescheduling Notice:
Since Many of those Who expressed interest in coming to the weekend retreat were unable to do so, the decision has been made to postpone "Grieving... Between the Rock and a Hard Place" until March 2017. Information will be posted as soon as the date and arrangements have been confirmed.

The experience of those, who have suffered the loss of a dear one, often includes a sense of instability, as if the very foundation upon which they had felt grounded has crumbled. 

This program is designed to help you through the challenges of the grieving process by identifying and navigating the "stony" path to be traveled, and by re-establishing a foundation built on an eternal, unshakeable "Rock".

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Programs for the Bereaved


The Underestimated Problem of Unattended Grief
Presentation addresses the physiological, relational, emotional, and spiritual aspects of grief and the need for promoting effective healing, and can be adapted to audience specific interest or need.  These programs can be tailored in length (30 minutes- 4 hours), and content can be tailored to these specific groups:

  • Family Groups specific to loss of spouse, a parent, or a child
  • Adolescent Groups specific to loss of parent, grandparent, sibling, or friend
  • Widows or Widowers Groups
  • Men’s Group focused on reaction to loss of father
  • Debriefing Seminars for schools personnel, police, fire fighters, etc.

Parents/Families in Crisis Following Loss of Child
This intensive, interactive workshop is for families who have experienced the death of a child.  The program provides therapeutic, supportive, and practical help in: addressing grief responses to loss, and protecting the integrity of the marital/family unit as a whole.  All participants will meet together for initial session to address general grief reactions, and will gather in separate adults’ and children’s groups to address more specific interpersonal and relational problems.  The discussion group time will be followed by physical &/or creative activity designed to require marital/family units to communicate and work as a team.  The workshop will conclude with a time of sharing and processing.

Surviving the Tsunami - For teens who have lost a friend /classmate in traumatic circumstances 
Designed for teens who have tragically lost a friend/classmate, this workshop will provide an educational and therapeutic experience, and the opportunity to address grief issues in a safe, supportive environment.  The workshop will guide participants into the emotional, spiritual and physical responses they are having or can expect to experience in the grieving process.  There will also be a therapeutic component (journaling, art project, challenge course, etc.), and the session will conclude with group time for sharing and processing.  All personal involvement will be “challenge by choice” and no one will be pressured to go beyond their comfort level.

Grief Is A Journey – For those who have lost a spouse
This program will provide therapeutic, supportive and practical help for individuals who have experienced loss of spouse.  Participants will focus on identifying, differentiating, and navigating the extreme emotional turmoil of facing life alone.  Art and music will be used in eliciting and validating the realities of their experience, which is necessary in ultimately reaching the “city of joy.”   This can be offered as a therapeutic full day workshop or time-limited series; and the group will, ideally, be divided between widows and widowers.


The Transforming Power of Grief
After a significant loss, putting your life back together happens one step at a time.
This program is based on the lifecycle of a butterfly as it emerges from the cocoon; it offers:  Participants will be guided in representing their own unique experience through an art project.  This workshop can be tailored for specific groups:

• support and healing
• useful information
• time to be with others who share your pain
• space for reflection, discussion and sharing

Lives under Reconstruction - A Retreat for Families
This structured and therapeutic weekend retreat is designed for families seeking intensive help following the death of a significant loved one.  Family members will be supported in doing a “home inspection” assessment of how the structure of the family has been changed and/or damaged by the loss.  Participants will examine the shifts in roles, in physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs, and learn ways to reconstruct their lives to ensure that the “home” is safe and able to meet the needs of each family member.  Physical activities and building projects will be included to enhance the learning and therapeutic experience.


Education Programs for Professionals
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Managing Your Own Grief Issues In The Helping Profession - 6 hours/CEU’s
This workshop is designed to help professional counselors and hospice chaplains address the need to attend to their own issues of loss that may impact the effectiveness of their professional practice.  Program will include a model for healthy grief work/process, building a personal grief support system, and modeling healthy grief responses for clients. 
Help For Grieving Children -6 hours/CEU’s
This workshop is designed to help teachers and helping professionals more effectively work with children who have suffered significant loss. The program will include ways to provide safe, nurturing support during the grief process as you work with the significant adults in the lives of children who have experienced loss.

Addressing Grief in the Pulpit 
Specifically designed for pastors, the workshop focuses on how to address grief issues as part of living in a fallen world, and provide help and support (directly and indirectly) to those suffering grief and loss.  This course will provide participants with rationale/need to address grief issues, guidance/training in effective and compassionate biblical responses to grieving individuals and families, and the knowledge to help them recognize when it is time to refer individuals for more intense counseling and help.


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