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A Stepping Stones Retreat for Individuals and Families
Grief Support Weekend at Oconee State Park
Oct 16 - Oct 18, 2015
Oconee State Park

After a significant loss, putting your life back together happens one step at a time. The impact of a loss is like the devastation caused by an earthquake.  To recover and rebuild, you have to first assess the damage.

This program helps you think about the areas of your life that my need focus and attention. You can choose to share and listen or just pause to take stock of where you've been and where you are now.

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  Mar 21, 2015   
Just as you would inspect your home for damage after the devastation  of an earthquake, this session will help you conduct a “self-inspection” to assess damage to your life in the aftermath of your loss.

Keowee Key Service Vendor Showcase
  November 15, 2014
The Consoling Place participated in this event and had the opportunity to distribute information and talk with hundreds of Keowee Key residents about our 2015 programs.

Mackey Seminar
Hope & Help for the Holidays and Beyond: A Seminar for Loss, Hope & Healing
  November 11, 2014
Presenter: Kenneth J Doka, PhD
The Consoling Place team attended the seminar and distributed to attendees information about our 2015 programs and events

Oct 24th - Oct 26th, 2014

  Friday, 6pm - Sunday 11am
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  After a significant loss, putting your life back together happens one step at a time.
This program is based on the lifecycle of a butterfly as it emerges from the cocoon; it offers:
     • support and healing
     • useful information
     • time to be with others who share your pain
     • space for reflection, discussion and sharing

McAfee Seminar
When Grief Goes Awry: Dealing with Complicated Mourning
  September 9, 2014
Presenter: William G. Hoy, D.Min., F.T.
At the seminar the team distributed brochures and information about our organization to the individuals, educators and health professionals who attended.

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a Stepping Stones Program for individuals and families
Sat July 19, 2014
9:30am – 4:30pm
406 Piedmont Road
Easley, SC 29642
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The death of a loved one can be as devastating as an earthquake to those affected by the loss. This program will use the imagery of a home inspection to assess the damage to you, and identify positive steps to reinforce and rebuild in all areas of your life: physically (health), relationally (role changes), socially, emotionally, financially and spiritually.



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